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Yesterday I saw Bernhoft in concert in Paris and he was amazing.  Please, if you haven’t heard about this amazing artist please youtube him.  I have to admit, I have a crush on him now. He’s got a great sense of humor when performing and comes off as someone who doesn’t take himself too seriously (although if he did I’d understand entirely).

Today I had my oral French test for the DELF B2 which, surprisingly, it went ok?  I’m really surprised at how easy it turned out to be.  Well, we’ll see when I get my results if me and the examiners had the same perception.

More importantly, I never got around to mentioning the developments in the job department here in France.  I mentioned before  that I was waitlisted for a teaching job in April.  About three weeks later I was given a position in Rouen, to start in October.  So, that’s a relief.  Plus, I got a little part time work teaching in Paris until I go back to the US in June to visit and do visa stuff.

I’ve been applying for other jobs , State-side in museums, just because I loved when I interned in the curatorial department before my masters.  I met artists, I learned about people I’d never heard of before, and was so inspired/full of ideas for my own work.  Honestly, aside from working as an artist full-time, working in a curatorial department is my dream job.  I mean, the access to other artists, curators, gallery owners…easy networking!  And the money would be good enough to allow me to experiment more freely with photography, video, etc.  Anyway, we will see if any of those applications turn into interviews!


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