…de perles

The bird of pearls


It’s never particularly fun describing oneself. I find that to be the case because you have to be honest with yourself about yourself–sometimes that’s not as easy as it should be.  So, to make it easier for myself, I’ll explain where I’ve been and what I’m aspiring to:

For the past year I’ve been living in France, making a slight career change from a career I didn’t quite have in the first place. In undergraduate school I studied art history with the intent to work in a museum and continue my own visual art production on the side.  After graduating and completing a semester in France, and a three month internship at a museum which I loved and hated for the fact I had to watch other people being artist while I shied away from calling myself that–it dawned on me that I was more interested in making art than writing about it.  But, since I’d already applied for and been accepted in an art history graduate program abroad, I did that instead.  A year later, it was more solidified in my cranium that I’m a studio artist, not an art historian.  So, I moved to France and started painting. Painting a lot and thinking about art a lot more.  My aspiration is to, in the next, get into a artist-in-residence program, organize a gallery exhibition of my work and my colleagues, and find a job in a museum or gallery in France. Essentially, I want to go from being a lower case artist to an upper case, Artist (yes, there is a difference).  What I’m doing to make this happen is: create, create, create, think, work to make money to create, create, think, think, create, work.  I’m also going to be taking studio classes and such too.

Interestingly, this blog, is not my art blog!  My art ramblings and some work are lodged here.  This blog, however, is chronicling my other, random, sometimes art-related but mostly not, misadventures in France (like being an English teacher).  Welcome and please enjoy while I try to make my “about” more easy to write.


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