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Hello, doc, part 2

I meant to write this ages ago after my IUD was put in but for some reason never got around to it.

I had my IUD put in about three weeks ago now.  By some luck of the gods (sarcasm), my boyfriend’s parents had just arrived from Dublin to spend the weekend with us, the DAY that I was to have it put it.  So, while I when I went off in dread and fear to see my gynecologue they were just starting to get comfortable at a pub/bar–serious bummer because I would have loved to have a drink at that moment.

So I made it to the office, took my spasfon (anti-spasm drug) and two ibuprofen, which I’d been popping all day anyway in preparation.  I had to wait for about an half an hour this time, which I was thankful for considering the last time it was a nearly an hour and half.  I went in, reminded him what I wanted, and we got down to business.  He used transvaginal ultrasound to get an idea how to position the IUD, then inserted the speculum, then a sound to measure (which hurt like a bitch!) and then FINALLY put in the IUD.  I had a super cramp when he put in the sound, so much so that he was telling me to cough while but he inserted and my mind blanked, I had no idea what he as saying anymore (until he nudged me and made a coughing sound –embarrassing).  So after that, which took about 10 minutes, he removed everything and reinserted the transvaginal ultrasound, and to my and his dismay, the IUD was a little too low! So he had to reinsert everything to try to move it up…and couldn’t.  So now I have to go back to him in July to check to see if this one is ok or have a new one inserted (it will be a multiload).  Let’s just say I was kind of pissed about that, considering I had to pay 75 euros for a procedure that technically didn’t come out right…it’s kind of shit in my opinion (I got 30 of it back from secu, but still).

So, when I headed back to K and his parents, I wasn’t feeling to bad. I was able to walk around with mild pains. Throughout the weekend I had some bad cramps, but nothing a bit of spasfon couldn’t fix. Overall, I think I made the right choice, even if I have to have a new one inserted. I seriously hope not, but we will see when I make my new appointment.


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One thought on “Hello, doc, part 2

  1. Oke, schat. So sorry to hear that it didn’t work the first time, but glad to hear that the pain wasn’t too bad. Good luck with the next one.

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