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Hello, doc. Part 1.

As I mentioned in the last post, I made my first appointment over the phone in French recently.

I made no phone calls since being in France (unless they were in English or to friends) and I’ve done everything in my introverted powers to do everything face-to-face with people or by email.

That all worked fine until last month when I had the worst birth control induced (and bf influenced) rage ever.  Followed by intense depression that, up until that weekend, I hadn’t realized was possibly due to taking the pill.  Now, I’ve been on three different types of pills in the past two years.  The first one I was prescribed in the States. It was the generic form of ortho tri-cyclen lo.  It wasn’t too bad, it just screwed up my appetite and gave me pretty bad acne for a few months, but was otherwise alright.   Then, when I moved to the UK, I had to switch to another brand.  This brand, I don’t remember the name, which was horrible!  It gave me the worst acne, the worst mood swings, and just made me feel like shit all the freaking time.  So I switched to Femodette a few months before moving to France.   I thought this one was the winner.  Initially my acne cleared up and it seemed I had no side effects at all.

Well, I was wrong.

The the past couple of months, I’ve been suffering from  mild depression, a ridiculous appetite (to the extent that I could eat what would normally hold me for at least four hours, but instead be hungry again in less than two), and mood changes.   All of this built up until last month, when I just completely lost it.  It’s not that I did anything particularly bad, it’s just that I could feel myself becoming tense, irritated, angry, before anything even happened that should make me feel that way.  Needless to say, one weekend ended with me and my boyfriend having a huge fight, followed by us making up days later and deciding no more bc pill.

So I decided I wanted one of these:

Specifically, this: the NT 380 short.

Initially when I started my contraceptive journey I wanted an IUD. I wanted to avoid the hormones altogether but, in the US there’s only two kinds of IUDs (the paraguard and mirena) and they are super expensive.  I realize now I could have went to planned parenthood and tried to get it done at a reduced price, but oh well.   At the time, I also thought that because the other two are geared towards people who have had children and have a larger cervix, that I wouldn’t be able to have one inserted anyway. (I know now that nulliparous women have had them put in).

Anyway, now that I’m in France where there are a tons of copper IUD options, I’ve decided to bite the bullet and do it.   So, two weeks ago I made an appointment to have a consultation.  Today I went to see a random gynecologist and it went really well.  He was super nice, in spite of the usual, creepy French medical visit (I essentially walked into a room beside his office and was told to get naked, told to jump on the table for a quick pap smear. Let’s just say I wasn’t expecting that), and got the prescription for a shiny IUD.  My appointment is next Friday. I just hope and pray it doesn’t hurt too much.  Wish me luck!


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2 thoughts on “Hello, doc. Part 1.

  1. Oh nee! The infamous NAKED EUROPEAN CLINIC VISIT!! 🙂 Aargh! I’ve been avoiding the doctors here, so not yet for me. Thanks for the info. on the IUD. I think it’s a great option that many women don’t know about. I hope that it works and that your side effects are done for.

    • Yes, it is so weird. The examination room was pitch black too, say for a spot light he shined on my..erm…goodies. lol. It’s actually the second creepy visit I’ve had since being here. They require you to have a lung scan here when you first arrive as part of the visa process. That experience was literally: wait in line, go in tiny room, take off all the clothes on your upper body, go into another room and put breasts against a metal thing, then leave. Ironically, you can wait up to 3 months before getting it…which to me defeats the purpose of the scan because if a foreigner had TB coming here, after three months s/he will have spread it. haha, oh the French.

      It’s sad that the pill is forced on women as the first and, usually, only option. And I don’t get why there’s so few IUD options in the US. There’s way more in Canada. As for my side effects, they’re completely gone now (stopped taking the pill three weeks ago).

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